7th July, Nottingham, 10:30am – 4pm £499 pp – sold out

25th August, Manchester, 10:30am – 4pm £499 pp – sold out

1st September, London, 10:30am – 4pm £499 pp – places available


£199 secures the place, £300 is due a month before the workshop date at the latest.



Are you currently offering online galleries to your clients and want to add a personalised touch to your service with In Person Sales? Maybe you have been offering IPS for a while now but you feel you are not 100% confident in running it successfully? Are you not feeling confident about your selling skills or your product offering? Is your pricing all over the place and too complex for clients to understand?

What we cover:

  • Consultation as a base for a profitable viewing appointment.
  • All the selling that goes into selling before selling.
  • Self value issues and why it affects your sales more than you think and how to switch it off.
  • Defining your ideal client / branding and the NLP dust.
  • IPS versus galleries, and why galleries leave money on the table.
  • IPS when your client lives miles away.
  • How to display your wall art for product and services upsell.
  • What to sell in order to save yourself time and money and make the IPS more profitable.
  • Package value versus average sale value and what matters most and how to make it work in your favour.
  • First and last impression as a ticket to your referrals.
  • Objection handling.
  • Upselling.
  • IPS viewing process – what to do in the sales room and how to direct the client through your offering, without looking like lost or desperate.
  • All about the gift vouchers and maximise their use for your business.
  • The language of a successful sale.
  • The value of brand ambassadors, how to get them, how to keep them.
  • The art of giving a shit.
  • Your energy as a benchmark of your success.
  • Building your business model and finding what works faster.
  • Dealing with yours and other people’s success.
  • Price anchoring.
  • Flip sale.
  • The D word and how to handle discounts.
  • Closing the sale.
  • Pricing for top package sales.
  • Price increase and Weber’s Law.
  • Analysis Paralysis and reducing your client’s headache in 3 easy steps.
  • Deposit versus sitting fee and why to go for one or the other.
  • The psychology of sales.
  • Tapping into your client’s core values.
  • Practical IPS tips for everyone.
  • IPS from a commercial studio, home studio & IPS for travelling photographers.
  • What not to do and say when selling.
  • Solving your client’s needs and wants and your role as a photographer.
  • Various options to use wall art templates to display your offering.
  • Many, many more interesting things that will make you an awesome sales person without looking pushy, desperate and sleazy.

What you’ll take away:

After the training, you will be able to define your ideal client, run a successful consultation leading to wall art sales, price your time accordingly, lead your client through your offering confidently without throwing them discounts at “hello”.

You will be more confident in selling the right items, reading clients and defining their needs and wants and finding solutions to those needs. You will be able to increase your average sale and do it without shame and fear people will question you. You don’t have to be naturally born sales person, but you have to put time and effort to develop and master this skill and give your clients what they deserve: beautiful, tangible memories on their walls.

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