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Newborn Photographer of the Year, turned top photography sales trainer, Maggie Robinson, has been the default choice for many aspiring baby and portrait specialists who want to take their In Person Sales to Another Level.
Over the years, she taught hundreds of students how to set themselves apart from competitors, how to market to the ideal client, how to price and sell their work.

Her true passion lies in wall art sales. She loves frames and is a keen believer that wall art should stop you in your tracks and be the main feature in every home.

``In times of crisis, those images we took when life was good remind us of the happy times, and therefore should be out in the open. Children who grow up surrounded by their own portraits, grow up more confidently, because they believe parents were proud of them. There are really only upsides to having your legacy up on the wall.``

Maggie works relentlessly to help fellow photographers turn their passion into profitable businesses that thrive, not just survive. She will give you the confidence in your work and yourself, and help you on your way to becoming the best sales machine you can be.

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“Give yourself the best chance to run a business that brings you joy and fulfils you, but still gives you a decent paycheque. Like a business should.”
Maggie Robinson, founder of The IPS Academy

Who We Are

Maggie Robinson is a renowned family photographer, trainer and mentor. She is the driving force behind this project and the teacher at every one of our workshops.
With over 15 years of experience in sales, she can walk you through any type of client, show you how to read them and how to talk to them.

She will make you love sales instead of fearing them, and you will start to look forward to your IPS meetings, instead of defaulting on them.
Winner of SWPP’s prestigious Best Trainer of The Year award, and in previous years the winner of a Newborn Photographer of The Year gong, she does not only talk the talk, but walks the walk and runs a busy portrait studio.

Maggie loves: wall art, frames, tacos, Portuguese tarts and freckles.
To annoy Maggie, all you need to do is: start giving excuses, be late, try to convince her that unframed canvases will make a come back.

Maggie personally: lives in Sheffield with her daughter, patient husband, three fish and a snake called Rosie Bacon.

What We Do

The IPS Academy is a place for photographers to learn the art of In Person Sales, targeted at their field. We will teach you how to define your ideal client, what to do when you find them, how to entice them to trust you and how you can increase your average sale and have your customers leave with beautiful wall art without being “salesy” and “sleezy”.

We will walk you through a thorough consultation process and give you the exact wording that works at every IPS meeting. Sales process we teach is stripped off chaos and anything that doesn’t lead to growing your business. We want to simplify every bit of this process for you, so that you can easily apply it to your daily work life.

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