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My name is Maggie Robinson, MD of IPS Academy

At IPS Academy we work with Photographers who are struggling to earn enough from their work, by showing them step-by-step system of increasing their average sale. Our students start earning more per hour and hit the ground running straight after the training.

We offer in-person group workshops around the UK and abroad and online 1-2-1 sessions, focusing on client's journey from the enquiry to product choices. At IPS Academy we do not believe in hard sales, but a human-to-human approach, where clients can expect to always get the best service and you get the profit you deserve.

Whether you are already offering in-person purchasing appointments or are completely new to this method of sales, work from a commercial studio or from home, you will find our training transformative for your business.

If you would like to charge what you are worth and gain a stable income doing what you love, drop us a line!


What will you learn?

Some of the goals our students have achieved.


``I am not afraid to ask for money anymore and I no longer discount in fear of losing the sale!``

Higher average sale

``My average sale before the training was around £600 and the first sale after the training was over £3000. I thought it was pot luck but then more high sales followed.``

Systemised Sales Process

``I finally know what to say at the viewing word by word! We got all the answers on the plate. I cannot believe it's all so logical now. It just makes sense!``

Repeat business

``I see my clients grow and they stay with me for years now, even though my prices are at the higher end.``

Wall art sales

``Before the training I haven't sold a single piece of wall art and after our workshop I sell stunning, HUGE pieces to majority of my clients!``

Better objections handling

``I no longer get lost for words when clients ask for discounts or when they question my prices.``

What People Say

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in person sales for photographers


Photography Studio Owner

Go book The Maggie Robinson for IPS training ASAP.
I just made a £5k sale.
Maybe it was pot luck, maybe it was a client who just got an inheritance, but I have a hunch it was partly thanks to the training.

lighting training for photographers uk

Alma Seskauskyte


I attended Maggie’s workshop, which was possibly the best investment I have made. Maggie is not just business wizards but true inspiration as well. I have tripled my earnings since then and I am thinking of booking a Skype refresh soon too. I never felt more positive towards my business future, than I am now.
Thank you Maggie

training for photographers uk

Jade Dowling


Since Maggie’s IPS training my business has completely been turned around for the better. I was making decent money before and did wonder how I could improve to earn more when I already thought my clients were paying the max. However, I learned a lot more than I ever thought, Maggie taught me things that hadn’t even crossed my mind, and I took away so much from the day. It really did give me a kick up the bum and I was so motivated so I put this into place immediately and I haven’t looked back since. Just from making a few tweaks I’m already earning double what I was before, and I probably do less work too! The day is intense, it’s very full on but you learn a lot and you will not be disappointed! I cannot thank Maggie enough for passing on her knowledge, I really feel like I’m where I want to be now and it’s all down to her training.

Ps. Maggie isn’t the terrifying person you think she is, she’s actually nice believe it or not!

photography training uk

Suzy Vieira


I “met” Maggie Robinson in an online photographers group. I met her because of her work regarding IPS and saw a lot of great testimonials regarding her IPS classes. It was in a crucial moment for my business that something had to change and I decided to buy her 3hrs Skype session. It was the best 3hrs I’ve paid regarding sales. Because of Maggie I doubled my income and reduced my working hours so now I can enjoy more family time, and see the happiness in my clients’ eyes when they see their wall art for the first time. And all this, for me, it is just amazing. Then I decided to do a refresh and 8months later I met her in person.

sales training for photographers

Kate Hennessy


Maggie made my heart sing with the joy of possibility… well, that and a real strategy and kick up the bum for switching from online galleries to IPS!

With her no-nonsense approach, you can be sure that Maggie will give you practical, tried-and-tested advice which will ultimately improve your turnover and profit, fairly and ethically.

But here’s the thing… you have to want to do this. You are responsible for what you do with her pearls of wisdom. It’ll gear you up to get down to your numbers, know your margins, choose the right products to offer your clients, and be courageous.

I had a Skype session with Maggie which was super convenient and I felt Maggie had a clear structure to her training and yet was also able to gear it to my needs.

Her trainee-only Facebook group enables you to digest and top-up the information and realise that everybody is just as anxious as you are about making the switch to IPS but that the results are worth it, and for many, represent that crucial step to a truly successful business where you are paid fairly for your time, skill and a great service to your clients.

Highly recommended!

photography training

Marina Art


This was the best money spent in the last three years of my business adventure. I am not a sales person, even talking to clients is hard for me, but thanks to Maggie now I was able to overcome myself and start doing IPS sessions. And not only I started doing them and earning more money – I also enjoy them now! I am 300% better at this now than before Maggie’s workshop. I left Maggie’s studio this summer with a notebook full of useful notes and with 100% motivation to do better than I was doing. I can tell one thing for sure – if you choose Maggie as your IPS coach you will never ever regret it. Thanks, Maggie, for all your advice and support. It’s a game changer.

training for portrait photographers

Jennifer Sánchez

Photography Studio Owner

I love sales, I always have, but we can all learn something and watching Maggie was a pleasure and after her training we changed the business a lot. Thanks for helping us shape it and make it better Mags. Worth every penny xxx

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